Rider Development Experience

Get fit and develop your riding skills!

Our comprehensive 9-12 week program brings coaches and cyclists together in a weekly training environment to help you go beyond your current abilities. Whether you’re looking to get fit, learn safer road skills, master advanced group skills like pacelining, or ready to get race fast, the RiDE Program has a group for you.

RiDErs are divided into groups to match you with cyclists of similar ability. Below are key characteristics of each RiDE group to help you choose the one best suited to your cycling ability and fitness level:


Focusing primarily on developing your fitness and riding skills to complete a metric century (100k / 62 miles). We’ll also teach you the skills for safer road riding.

Although it requires commitment, you’ll be training in a supportive group environment. To start, RiDErs must be able to ride and control the bike and maintain a minimum average pace of 10 mph for 20 miles. RiDErs also need to be willing to commit to 8 of the 10 the training rides and attend 2 of the first 3 weeks. You must be coachable and ready to have fun! The C RiDE group will progress from 12 miles to 62 miles over the 10 week program.

RiDErs will typically begin at 10-13 mph pace and progress to a 13-16 mph pace toward the end of the program. The C RiDE group is about developing fitness to finish the longer distance more than developing speed.

If you’ll do your part, we will get you there. C RiDE starts March 25th with the classification ride. Training rides start April 8th. Registration is limited to 40 RiDErs. Register Now


B RiDE is all about advanced group riding skills.

You’ll develop those skills while training for a century (100 miles). RiDErs need basic familiarity with shifting and braking systems of their road bike and the fitness ability to complete a 35 mile ride with 1 or 2 rest stops on week one of B RiDE.

There is no speed limit to B RiDE. We group our B RiDErs by speed during the 12 week program. Wherever you are, we’ll have RiDErs and Captains that push your abilities. We form groups from B13s to B20s depending on need and speed. The number indicating the targeted average speed of that group on a full century. B RiDE will have a team that helps you learn advanced group skills. It is also a great fit for the stronger rider or triathlete that wants to learn advanced group skills.

B RiDErs need to be able to complete a 20 mile ride on rolling terrain (3-6% grades ) in 92 minutes when we hold the classification ride in March. That’s 13mph minimum. Whatever your pace, we’ll have a group that fits and challenges you. Participants must attend 9 of the 12 rides, including 2 of the first 3.

Most importantly, you should be open to coaching, serious about safety, and committed to advanced group skills like rotating pacelines. Registration is limited to 50 RiDErs. Register Now


The A RiDE program is designed to get you to the front of the pack. Previous group riding experience is important. B RiDE program graduates are ideal! You should have some experience with road rides of at least 40 miles in rolling (or hillier) terrain; you must put in the training necessary to match the fitness level and physical efforts of your fellow participants; and you must want to learn and be coached.

You should be able to be ready to ride 40 miles at 16 to 18 mph on week 1. Participants must attend 9 of the 12 rides, including 2 of the first 3. Register Now

A RiDE Sportive

If you want to get “Race Ready”, A RiDE Sportive is for you.

If you’ll do the work, we will get you race-fast. Previous group riding experience is essential and expected. It is designed for the B+ to A rider who wants to take their cycling to a new level. Be prepared to train with intensity and be coachable. The A program is about speed and intensity more than long, slow distance. Led by The Cycling Kansas City (KCBC) Race Team. Although there is no expectation of participants racing, you can expect to be riding at that level by the end of your 9 week program.

For a taste of A Sportive try a lap at the Downtown Airport in 10 minutes or less, that’s 22 mph.

Be challenged physically and mentally – you’ll need to push past your comfort zone. A RiDE Sportive will begin April 12th, but it is fully expected that each RiDEr has been training through the winter. Registration is limited to just 12 RiDErs. Register Now


Additional details about the groups can be found on the Ride Program FAQ. All students should read through the details found in the matrix to learn more about the program. If you still need more information please feel free to Contact Us with questions.


In order to have the best experience for RiDErs and maintain appropriate student instructor ratios space is limited. Our experience is that the RiDE program will sell out fairly quickly.

The program costs $125 for the program, $150 for non-members. Included in the registration is the Cycling KC jersey and a Lone Star Century registration for those who complete the program. See the FAQ for attendance requirements. The RiDE Program culminates on June 11th at Cycling KC’s Lone Star Century.